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TATMA is a non-profit association which aims to promote the automobile tyre industry by formulating and implementing policy measures on research and study to improve safety, environmental and economic effectiveness of the tyres for automobile industry in order to contribute to the sound development of Thailand’s industry and economy and the improvement of consumer’s welfare. TATMA will proceed with the following objectives:
  1. Promote business operation relating to automobile tyres manufacturing;
  2. Formulate and implement the positive relationship among members;
  3. Formulate and implement policy measures on the safety of automobile tyres;
  4. Formulate and implement policy measures on environmental conservation relating to automobile tyres;
  5. Promote the effectiveness of production and consumption of automobile tyres to help members to compete more effectively both within Thailand and internationally for the utmost benefit of the consumers;
  6. Promote effective communication and cooperation with governments, domestic and overseas organizations and other relevant stakeholders concerning automobile tyres industry;
  7. Conduct seminars or publish articles on the topics related to automobile tyre industry;
  8. Giving advices or comments concerning the automobile tyres industry to public organizations, members and other organization, but shall not involve in politics.  
Type of Members
The members of TATMA shall be divided into 3 categories, which are:

  1. Ordinary Corporate Member; any national or multinational legal entity being validly incorporated under Thai law which meets the following criteria;
    · Being validly incorporated under Thai law and having objective to manufacture automotive tyres.
    · Having a yearly production volume in Thailand of at least 20,000 metric tons within 2 years from the date becoming TATMA Member and enable to maintain production volume at least 20,000 metric tons per year during the term being TATMA Membership, this amount is determined on the weight of the finished products per year at the time of incorporation of TATMA.
    · No being associated to another Ordinary Corporate Member.
  2. Extraordinary Corporate Member; any legal entity related to automobile tyres industry in the Kingdom of Thailand, being validly incorporated under Thai law
  3. Honorary Member; legal entity or natural person, organizations or institutes that Board of Directors invites to become an honorary member and that person and/or institute has accepted the invitation.
Rights of Members
Member shall be entitled to:
  1. Receiving assistance and benefits provided by TATMA within the scope of TATMA’s objectives;
  2. Submitting opinions or comments to TATMA or the Directors on the topics relating to TATMA’s objectives and activities;
  3. Requesting for the inspection of TATMA’s asset by submitting the request in writing to the Secretary General or the directors who act on behalf of the Secretary General;
  4. Attending any kinds of the Meetings, Debates, Discussions of TATMA and shall be entitled to propose opinions, or in opposition to, or raising questions in the General Meeting;
  5. Only the Ordinary Corporate Members shall have the rights to vote in the General Meeting and entitled to appoint its representative to become the Directors of TATMA;
  6. The Extraordinary Corporate Members are entitled to send not more than 2 representatives to attend each activity and any Meetings.
Membership Fees
  1. Ordinary Corporate Members shall pay the Admission Fees, the Annual Membership Fees and Supporting Operation Fees as follow:
    · The Ordinary Corporate Member shall pay the Admission Fees, which is one time payment, at the rate of Thai Baht  100,000.-  (One hundred thousand Baht Only);
    · The Ordinary Corporate Member shall pay the Annual Membership Fees at the yearly rate of Thai Baht 250,000.- (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Baht Only);
    · The Supporting Operation Fees are subject to be collected from the Ordinary Corporate Members.  The amount of this fee shall be depending on the resolution of the General Meeting.
  2. Extraordinary Corporate Members shall pay the Admission fees, which is one time payment, at the rate of Thai Baht 100,000.- (One Hundred Thousand Baht Only) and Annual Membership Fees at the yearly rate of Thai Baht 50,000.- (Fifty Thousand Baht Only).
  3. Honorary Members shall be exempted from all fees.
Applying Process
  1. Filling in the application form and submit to the association (application form can be downloaded)
  2. After receiving approval of membership applying from Board of Directors, the member shall pay their membership fee within thirty (30) days of the date of the notification.
  3. Commencing of membership when the association receives payment of all fees.
Additional Document Required for Application
  1. Copy of factory license (only for ordinary membership)
  2. Copy of company registration
  3. Approval from Ministry of Commerce (not over 1 year old)
  4. Copy of VAT document
  5. Brochure / Company Profile / Product Catalog
  6. Business card of 1st representative
  7. Factory or Office location map

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